Part of your coaching schedule will be skills based training …which is exactly where FootballGolf can help.

The game of FootballGolf focuses on strength and power when you start on a hole, but it brings in the subtleties of weighting passes the nearer you get to a hole. Overarching all of this is the accuracy of kicking.

Your first kick or “drive” must be as far up the fairway as possible. That’s the power training.

The target for landing the ball is the centre of the fairway on a par 4 or par 5. That’s the accuracy training for playing long balls.

Your next kick should end up as near the hole as possible to give you a chance to slot the ball home for a “birdie”. That’s more training for accuracy and weighting of passes.

The actual slotting the ball into the hole is great training for those slide rule passes that make a difference in and around the penalty box.

So really every aspect of FootballGolf can contribute to improving the skill set of your players.

Play the OTHER FOOT game…

Give your team a few rounds to get used to the sport, then switch them to play ONLY with their least strongest kicking foot. After a game or two of using the “other foot” your players will build the confidence and skills needed to become better two footed players.

We are certain this will make a real difference to your team’s performances on the football pitch.

FootballGolf can be a regular part of your coaching plan.

We hope you and your team enjoy FootballGolf. Its great fun.

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